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California Anti-Harassment Training

On-Demand Anti-Harassment Training.

At SAFFIRE LEGAL, PC we strongly advocate “risk management through effective training.” Our video-based training program is specifically designed for new employee on-boarding and allows your company's HR professional an integrated opportunity to present company specific policies and procedures on preventing unlawful conduct in the workplace. With complaints of harassment on the rise, a proactive on-boarding plan that includes anti-harassment education is a smart decision.

Offered as an on-demand or subscription asset we make it easy for California HR professionals to incorporate basic anti-harassment, discrimination, retaliation and abusive conduct principles into the on-boarding process. Available when you need it – where you need it. Our training program is viewable on work stations and is iPad/Android tablet and mobile device compatible.

Welcoming, informative and up-to-date, this video training touches on key aspects of California's Fair Employment & Housing Act anti-harassment provisions to give your employees a broad understanding when it comes to preventing unlawful conduct in the workplace.

This video-based training highlights the following topics:

> Civility In The Workplace

> Harassment

> Discrimination

> Retaliation

> Abusive Conduct

> Tips For Preventing Unlawful Conduct

> General Information On Reporting

NOTE: This video is intended as an on-boarding tool to assist in providing non-supervisory personnel a broad overview of California laws prohibiting unlawful conduct (harassment, discrimination, retaliation) in the workplace based on protected classifications.

This training is not intended for in-depth training of current employees or supervisory personnel training and does not satisfy California statutory requirements under AB 1825, AB2053 or SB396.

Contact SAFFIRE LEGAL, PC directly for more information on our in-person trainings designed for compliance in all 50 states, including California statutory requirements under AB 1825, AB2053 and SB396.

Since full access to this training is provided upon purchase, the training is nonrefundable.


ABC's of Dynamex

Decided April 30th the California Supreme Court ruling in Dynamex Operations West Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County is a significant decision impacting business, independent contractors and employees across the state. Dynamex's newly adopted "ABC" test for independent contractor classification is something employers should become familiar with if they are currently utilizing (or considering utilizing) independent workers.

This webinar touches on the following:

  • Case overview including facts and the Court's reasoning
  • The new "ABC" test for classifying independent workers
  • Tips and suggestions for businesses and independent contractors moving forward in a post-Dynamex world
Ethics In Business: Defining You & Your Brand
A SAFFIRE LEGAL, PC Lunch & Learn Webinar on ethical practices as a means of defining you and your brand.
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